Logan Kennedy
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Our little Logan was born at 12:05pm on the 2nd of August 2005. He was sadly stillborn it just wasn't meant to be he tryed his hardest to be here with mummy and daddy. We love our little put put so much and miss him even more. Logan was a very active baby he liked to play with mummy's ribs by kicking them all the time or elbowing mum's hip. He became the most active when mum would have a bath and he would go crazy kicking and jumping around inside mum. But most of all he would get mum annoyed when he constantly got the hiccups that happened at least 4 or 5 times a day. On the monday afternoon mummy rang the midwife and said she hadn't felt you move all day the midwife said don't worry about it so mummy took her advice mum then started going into labour that afternoon we kept in contact with midwife who didn't seem to care what was going on and so we stayed at home getting all excited that we were going to meet you in the next few hours we managed to stay at home for what seemed like forever we got to the hospital at just before 8am on tuesday morning (your birthday) they tried to find your heartbeat and couldn't find it so the midwife and doctor called in the specialists that moment i will never forget you had passed away inside me you had some how managed to get a knot in your cord and wrapped it twice around your neck. We continued with labour and got adminstered all the drugs they never worked i felt all the pain you entered this world never to take a single breath you have touched so many lives and brought a large extended family so much closer together for that i am forever grateful. We love you our sweet little angel and always will till we meet again my beautiful little boy. Forever yours
Love always
Daddy and Mummy
Some Stat's of our Logan
Logan was born Tuesday 2nd of August 2005
He weighed 6lb 4oz / 2830 grams
He was 50.5cm's long
Head circumfrence was 32cm's
He had dark brown hair curly on top straight at the back.

I wish to thank all the family and friends for everything you have done for us all the love and support there are so many of you to thank but thank you to all.

I want to thank my newest friend Lisa her husband Ian and their little girls Nikita and Eden (another little angel) I love you guys so much Lisa you are so wonderful and i truely appreiciate everything you have done for me and for just being you. Eden is up in heaven with Logan she sadly passed away 4 weeks after Logan she was born prematurely but she was a true little fighter born the 30th of August 2005 - 31st of August 2005. Life has dealt us something cruel our babies brought us together for a reason it just sucks we became friends this way. Lisa you've been a godsend to me i thank you so much for everything. Lisa unbeknown to you you have been a godsend to me helped through so much i love you hunny you and your family mean so much to us your support and love has been unbeleivable and it has continued long after thank you hunny you will always be my darling Lisa.

I want to thank my Mum for coming home to be with us it was very much appreiciated and we loved having you home for a wee while.

To all the people our mum's and Dad's, Brother's, Sister's you have been so wonderful to us and thank you for doing as much as you could to help us.

To Aunty Jean, My Dad, my brother John, Aunty Kay and everyone else but these people stick out in my mind Thank you for making the huge amounts of Tea and Coffee and the job of cooking all the savouries for the many visitors that came and went.
Espeicially John and aunty Jean for making us laugh.

Thank you to Craig for the lovely photo's

Thank you to Craig and Karl for the lovely pot and plant for us to do the burial of the placenta it is really cool and i think it is starting to grow now YAY

Thank you Sam and Craig, Tash and Karl and Melissa for bringing us so much Red bull and V lol god knows we needed it.

Thank you very much to my best friend Sarah for coming to visit lots and being the lovely lady that you are and thank you to my other favourite little man Jordan for being so cute and trying to make Aunty Mara and Uncle Haydy laugh and giving your cousin Logan a cuddle and kiss.

Thank you to all came to say there final goodbyes to Logan and gave him the best send off ever.

Thank you to the family that did travel from near and far to be with us and to get here as quickly as they did thank you all so so so much thank you all the love and support that has been shown to us from people we don't even know the kind thoughts and words are appreiciated.

I espeicially want to Thank Haydon (Daddy) for being so awesome and loving and being there for me when i need it the most my shoulder to cry on the one who understands me the most and espeicially thank you for putting up with my tantrums and just showing and telling me you love me. Love you babe XO

Also want to thank my lovely friend Joy thank you for being you hunny and being so caring and loving.

I would also like to thank Beauchamp funeral home for the unbelivable love care and compassion of the service they delivered to us for getting our boy changed into his final outfit and bringing him home to us Thank you to Peter and Lance for being wonderful caring individuals i know you guys do it for a job but what you both done for us and our families was nothing short of brilliant and exceptional and gave our little guy the best send off ever.

Please feel free to visit my two beautiful baby cousins. We love you always Eden and Laine.

Since Logans passing we have welcomed into our family another beautiful son Toby Jacob Born 11th December 2006 please feel free to visit Toby's blogs for regular updates and photo's

If i could have a lifetime wish
A dream that would come true
I'd pray to god with all my heart
for yesterday and you
a thousand words can't bring you back
i know because i've tried
and niether will a million tears
i know because i've cried
you left behind my broken heart
and happy memories too
i never wanted memories
i only wanted you.

You never said I'm leaving 
You never said Goodbye
You were gone before i knew it
And only god knew why
A million times i needed you
A million times i cried
If love alone could have saved you
You never would have died
In life i loved you dearly
In death i love you still
In my heart you hold a place
That no-one could ever fill
It broke my heart to lose you
But you didn't go alone
For part of me went with you.

Once a heart is shattered
Can it ever mend
Once your spirit is broken
Can it be whole again
Each little peice is sacred
Each little part must fit
But when a peice is gone
There is no replacement for it
We learn to laugh and smile again
Feel guilty when we do
We learn to live our lives again 
All the while missing you
I know you want to see us 
Smiling and happy for you
Your in heaven Angel
But we wish we could see you too
My heart it feels so heavy
And yet i smile and laugh
Sometimes i want scream it
This smile is just a mask
If only it were tomorrow 
You know that golden day
When once again i will hold you
and the pain will fade away
Till then my love i hold you
in my broken heart
I'm trying to learn to live again
Today is a brand new start.

There's no tragedy in life like the death of a child
Things never get back to the way they were.

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HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY   / Aunty, Uncle, Kita, Cort
Happy 3rd Birthday Logie Wish you could be here with us, Hard to believe that three years has gone by already. It seems so long ago yet it seems like yesterday. We will Love you forever. Mwah
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my baby boy   / Mummy
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my boy   / Mummy
Hey Sweetpea

You know how much mummy misses you and how much mummy wishes with all her heart you were here! although your name is hardly mentioned anymore you are never far from our hearts Mummy tells your little brother bout you all the t...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Beautiful Baby Boy  
You are the most beautiful little baby boy there is and always will be you look like me in some ways and other you look like your dad but you definately got mummy's nose, mouth and chin and my boy you definately got dad's hair. You'll forever be our little boy we love you, miss you and you are forever in our thoughts. We love you babe.
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Here is our little Logan with his Mum and Dad
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